“Why isn’t there an app for this?”

The story of AutoText is familiar to all of us. Two friends sit in a bar. One says “Why isn’t there an app to do this”  – what does the other do?

Well normally he drifts home and forgot all about the conversation, apart from in this case. With an established consultancy business already up and running in similar fields Mike couldn’t help but keep thinking about why there was not an app to do such a simple and useful task.

12 months later, AutoText is launched. With a simple purpose to easily and quickly schedule a text message, in the most native and simple to use layout we could develop. We’ve added some features that we think are really helpful, the ability to make groups you regularly text, a one click way to schedule a reminder text to yourself, but the basic principle and purpose has remained unchanged.

We hope that is the experience you get from the app, if you’ve got any ideas, thoughts, or feedback please let us know via twitter (@autotextsms) or by using the ask us tab on the left hand side of the page.

Mike Capewell, Developer, AutoText