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Our app is pretty simple and does exactly what it says on the tin, allow you to schedule a text message that is then sent for you. AutoText will save the message content and recipients along with the schedule options you select. When the scheduled time occurs this message will then be sent for you. Please note this will not be sent from your phone but using a third party provider with the phone number you registered with as the sender ID. The recipient will see this just like any normal message from you and when they reply it will drop straight into your native messaging app just as any text message would. However critically your message will be sent regardless of whether your phone has signal or is switched on and requires no further action from you once scheduled.
All your data is held strictly for the purpose of this app, to send messages you schedule, we may use this data to help support the development of the app and communicate with you key information regarding the app but our data is never shared or sold to any third party for marketing purposes. All the data AutoText holds for you is held in a secure UK based data facility provided by UKfast, for more information on the centre please visit the following link: Importantly our app only saves the minimum data it requires in order to function, this includes: Message content, recipient phone numbers and schedule options; Name and numbers saved to groups and your account information (phone number, password and credit balance). AutoText does request access to you contacts when it installs but never copies or stores them (other than locally on your phone) it simply presents them to you in an easy to use format.
You will notice our app requires credits in order to send messages, this is simply because the third party we use to send the message works on a credit based system. This App does not, and never will, interfere or use any of the text message quota you may have with your phone network provider. Nor should it ever incur any charges for text message usage. Please note that using our app will incur data charges as is common with most apps. For more information please see:
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