The Ultimate SMS Scheduling App, its not just something we thought up for our website, its the single aim behind our app, in features, user interface and reliability. From all our research we found too many half baked apps, either trying to schedule a text message but only managing to generate a prompt for a user to send a text message, or having a poorly designed user interface that left the user wondering where and how they did anything.

Meet AutoText.

Ready, Set, Schedule

Used to writing a text message with you native messaging app, then AutoText is a breeze, we’ve kept the composing message screen as native as possible and simply built in some scheduling options for you.

Just a Little Bit of History Repeating

Our scheduling options are designed to let you set when the message will go quickly and simply, however we’ve all got messages we have to send on a regular basis. With Autotext you can set a message to repeat daily, weekly or monthly. We’ve even got it so you can name the message something memorable and set it to only repeat on working days.

3 is a Crowd

Apart from regular messages you often have regular people you send messages to, no more adding in recipient after recipient. With Autotext you can quickly create and schedule messages to your own groups. You can build groups from your contacts or simply by entering numbers direct.

Don’t Forget Me

Don’t have a team of 20 you need to text every day but often forgot stupid things you need to remember? That’s exactly what our RemindMe me feature is built for, one click and you simply write the reminder you need and schedule when you need it. Right on time you’ve get a text saying Remember To.

Ready to take the next step?

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